About Christchurch - University of Canterbury, New Zealand

UC is located in Christchurch, Canterbury, the second largest city in New Zealand and the largest in the South Island (pop. 370,000). Located on the coastal edge of the Canterbury Plains the city is close to both the mountains and the sea, offering a huge range of recreational options.

Christchurch has a thriving business centre, lively arts and entertainment scene, is close to beaches and mountains, and is a hub for leisure and sporting activities.

Christchurch is an hour away from the Southern Alps, offering access to several ski and snowboard fields and various trails for mountain biking and alpine tramping. It is situated by the ocean for those who enjoy surfing to sailing and close to rivers and lakes which are ideal for kayaking, boating and other water sports. Surrounded by the Canterbury Plains, it is also nearby to NZ’s fastest developing wine area.

The city is likened to an English city, with its famous cathedral, gardens, punting on the Avon and tram, and has a very cosmopolitan feel. It is filled with heritage architecture and gardens, parks and wide open spaces, for which the city has earned its international reputation as The Garden City. The Christchurch Art Gallery, Canterbury Museum and Christchurch Arts Centre, with markets, galleries and cafes, form the unique cultural precinct. Christchurch also hosts a world class sports stadium, which is home to the local rugby team and hosts All Blacks rugby games.

Christchurch is the most affordable major New Zealand city to live in, provides a safe, family friendly environment, and is also the easiest to get around, whether you are walking, biking, driving or using the city’s excellent public transport. It is a very accessible city with an international airport providing direct flights between New Zealand and major international centres, just a ten minute drive from the University campus. Christchurch also enjoys a temperate climate, with low rainfall, lots of sunshine and the full range of spectacular seasons.

Canterbury is a leading centre for innovation, research and technology. With a well-developed economic infrastructure, key sectors include engineering, biotechnology, electronics, software engineering, and forestry. Christchurch is New Zealand’s leading hi-tech centre with more than 150 ICT and electronics companies and is home to over half of New Zealand’s electronics production.

Despite the recent earthquakes in late 2010/early 2011, Christchurch is bouncing back. Academic staff and students in the College of Engineering specifically are playing an integral part of the city’s rebuild and will be for many years to come.